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PLENARY: This morning's session should begin with two quick procedural matters: the accreditation of NGOs and the election of the PrepCom Bureau. The G-77 is not expected to have a group position on NGO accreditation (PC/10 and PC/10/Add. 1). The five regional groups may announce their candidates to the Bureau, following yesterday's meetings.

In today's speeches, look for Colombia, on behalf of the G-77, to support the recommendations of the expert group meetings and call for their incorporation into the framework of the Conference document. The G-77 may also support Argentina's proposal that the ICPD be given a higher profile by elevating it to the status of a General Assembly conference and extending the length of the third PrepCom session. Brazil will speak next, followed by Switzerland. The US intervention will follow and particular attention should be paid to possible references to reproductive health issues, commitments to population funding, the leadership role of the US on population matters and linkages to population and consumption patterns. China, in its address, may respond to accusations regarding coercive family planning measures. These statements will be followed by a representative of the Secretary-General of the 1995 Women's Conference and the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population. The speaker's list for the afternoon includes Finland, on behalf of the Nordic Group, Canada for CANZ, Pakistan, Mexico for the Latin America and Caribbean Group as well as Jacques Cousteau. Other interventions will be made by the Population Institute, the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, Women's Environment and Development Organization, and UNICEF.

NGO ACTIVITIES: NGO meetings during the day will begin with the Women's Caucus in Conference Room 6 at 9:00 am. There will be an NGO panel session on migration from 1:30 - 3:00 pm. in Conference Room 6. Following a very successful meeting yesterday, the US delegation will continue to provide daily briefings to US NGOs and others who are interested from 1:45 - 2:15 p.m in Conference Room E. The evening NGO briefing on the Regional Conferences will begin at 6:30 p.m. in Conference Room 2.

IN THE CORRIDORS: While PrepCom Chair Dr. Fred Sai called yesterday for "funding, funding, funding", listen for talk in the corridors about which governments have actually "anteed up". Three trust funds have been established for the ICPD. The UN General Trust Fund for the ICPD preparatory activities has deposited a total of US$1,179.173. Contributions have been received from Denmark (US$108,210), France (US$33,963), India (US$37,000), the Netherlands (US$250,000), Sweden (US$250,000 and the United States (US$500,000). The second fund, the Voluntary Fund for Supporting Developing Countries' Participation in the ICPD, has received a total of US$101,585. Contributions have been made by Finland (US$96,585) and Spain (US$5,000). Pledges have been made by Sweden (US$250,000), France (US$90,909) and Austria (US$25,000). The third fund is the UNFPA Trust Fund for the ICPD for national-level activities. This fund has received a total of US$875,516, including contributions from Belgium (US$89,525), Canada (US$396,825), Finland (US$235,320), and Norway (US$153,846) and a pledge from Sweden (US$250,000). Both Canada and Finland have also provided officers to work in the ICPD Secretariat.

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