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INFORMAL CONSULTATIONS OF THE WHOLE (ICW): The ICW is scheduled to meet today at 10:00 am in Conference Room 3 to begin work on the draft proposal by the Secretary-General of "Goals for 2015", followed by Cluster 4, "[Population distribution,] internal and international migration." Delegations will then be able to point out issues missing from the cluster papers. The morning session will continue with discussion on paper 5, resource allocation. In the afternoon, the group will discuss the preamble and other outstanding issues.

INFORMAL CONSULTATIONS ON FORMAT AND STRUCTURE: This group is scheduled to meet all day in Conference Room 6. Discussion will begin where last night's session left off.

NGO ACTIVITIES: The Women's Caucus will meet in Conference Room 6 at 9:00 am. The Asian and Pacific Island NGOs, as well as the Latin America/Caribbean NGOs will meet in Conference Room D at 12:30 pm. The Southern Forum of NGOs will meet in the same room at 2:00 followed by the Africa Group of NGOs at 5:00 pm.