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Cluster 2 - [Gender issues, particularly] the role and status of women:

Colombia, on behalf of the G-77, stated that a more systematic and focussed approach was needed in this cluster and that some of the strategies read more like principles. The G-77 proposed a separate chapter on the family and later added that women, as victims of aggression during war, must be protected. Several countries recommended that a reference to prostitution should be included in this cluster. Sweden, supported by Malaysia, suggested a change in the title to reflect gender equality for women and added that the issues of genital mutilation and the minimum age of marriage be included. Malaysia also suggested that empowerment of the girl child and facilities for the empowerment of women be included. Norway noted the linkages between population and breast-feeding. The US agreed with Sweden that questions of gender equity should be central to the chapter and supported gender equality in school attendance. The US also supported an end to pornography, violence against women, and the negative stereotyping of women in society. The WHO emphasized the importance of contraceptive research. The Women's Caucus supported a change in the title to reflect gender equity and the need to close the gap between female and male literacy.