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Cluster 4 - Population Distribution, Internal and International Migration:

Canada and Australia stressed the importance of clarifying the difference between voluntary and forced migration. Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Australia and the Russian Federation stated that there is a need to examine migration that is caused by lack of economic opportunities and to recognize the necessity of job creation in countries of origin. Argentina and Australia mentioned the relationship between agricultural subsidies and migration. Brazil commented that the text does not stress the causes of the massive flows of undocumented migrants from poorer to richer countries.

Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, France and Austria suggested that the Secretariat should incorporate the recommendations of the European Population Conference on the issue of international migration. Switzerland, the Holy See, Morocco and France stressed the need to address the issues of integration, multiculturalism and racism, as well as the need to safeguard the human rights of migrants. The US and Brazil noted the problems associated with illegal and undocumented migrants. The Philippines encouraged the creation of a programme where a country receiving migrants could promise the country of origin some sort of compensatory measure, including the exchange of scholars, transfer of technology or a temporary repatriation with guaranteed return so the professionals could share their expertise with others in their native country.