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Goals for 2015:

In her introductory statement to the PrepCom, Dr. Nafis Sadik expressed hope that the Conference would adopt goals for the next 20 years on such issues as maternal and infant mortality, education for women and girls, gender equality, and family planning. The idea of including goals in the Cairo Document was discussed in the ICW and supported by all delegations. A number of delegations suggested that the 20-year time frame should not be the only one considered and some proposed a 10-year time frame instead. The G-77 suggested that an intermediate review could be carried out every five years to assess whether the goals are realistic or not. Many delegations noted the need for both quantitative and qualitative goals as well as the need for both national and region-specific goals. Mention was also made of the need to avoid coercion of any kind in the setting and fulfilling of population goals.