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ICPD PrepCom II was gavelled to a close on Friday, 21 May 1993 at 4:45 pm. The following decision documents were approved:

2) "Proposed Conceptual Framework of the Draft Recommendations of the Conference" (E/CONF.84/PC/L.9): This draft decision was submitted by the Chair of the PrepCom on the basis of informal consultations. It contains both the draft structure of the final document as well as a summary of the formal and informal discussions that were carried out on the content of the Cairo document. It is on the basis of this document that the Secretariat will commence drafting of the new Population Plan of Action.

As far as the structure of the final document is concerned, the Plenary agreed to remove the brackets, providing the draft outline would be the topic of further consultations during the intersessional period. Thus, the draft outline for the Cairo document is set out as follows:

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