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The ICPD will be considered by the current session of the General Assembly under agenda item 96. At present, a one-day debate is scheduled in the Second Committee for 4 November 1993. The General Assembly will have before it two primary documents: the Report of the Secretary-General on the implementation of General Assembly resolution 47/176 and ECOSOC resolution 1991/93 (A/48/430) and the Annotated outline of the final document of the Conference (A/48/430/Add.1). Second Committee delegates are responsible for negotiating a resolution that will likely endorse ECOSOC resolution 1993/76, elevate the status of the ICPD Preparatory Committee to a subsidiary body of the General Assembly, and determine the 1994 budgetary implications for the Preparatory Committee and the Conference.

It is expected that the Annotated Outline will be the focus of statements during the Second Committee debate. The ICPD Secretary-General is encouraging delegations to use their statements to give an assessment of the annotated outline, particularly its internal logic, consistency and priorities. The ICPD Secretariat is also expecting to receive written comments and reactions to the document that will assist it in its next major task -- the preparation of the full text of the draft final document. This draft is expected to be completed in February and will be the major document to be discussed and finalized during PrepCom III in April.