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The draft text of the Cairo Document is currently being prepared by the ICPD Secretariat. This document will form the basis of negotiations at PrepCom III in April. The Secretariat circulated the annotated outline of the document to delegates and NGOs in October and has been preparing the final draft text on the basis of comments received on the outline. The 17-chapter draft text is expected to be circulated informally in January before being issued in February as a formal document for PrepCom III. The Secretariat will circulate the draft among delegates and the NGO Planning Committee will circulate copies of the draft to all NGOs on its mailing list.

The Cairo Document draws upon the World Population Plan of Action adopted at the 1974 World Population Conference and the recommendations adopted by the 1984 International Conference on Population. The document will include a statement of principles, projections of future population growth, and a set of 20-year goals for population, maternal mortality, infant mortality, life expectancy, education, gender equality and contraceptive use. The 17 chapters in the document will describe major population and development issues and offer recommendations for action at the local, national and international levels.

MEETING OF EMINENT PERSONS IN POPULATION AND DEVELOPMENT: The Government of Japan and the United Nations Population Fund, in cooperation with the United Nations University, will convene a meeting of Eminent Persons in Population and Development from 26-28 January 1994 in Tokyo, Japan. Approximately 20-25 eminent persons in the fields of population and development are expected to be invited to participate in the meeting that will produce the "Tokyo Declaration" on population and development. [Return to start of article]