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POPULATION INSTITUTE stressed universal family planning services by 2015. The ICPD should not be held hostage to religious dogma. FAMILY LIFE EDUCATION GROUP will hold a meeting of youth movements parallel to the ICPD in Cairo. INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANIZATION said priorities should include employment planning, rural development, labor markets, poverty alleviation, the role of women and protection of the environment. NEW ROAD MAP FOUNDATION is committed to reducing consumption patterns in North America.

INTERNATIONAL FUND FOR AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT called for: investment in the poor; improved data quality; and increased coordination. ALBANIA stressed the need to improve the quality of life. AMERICAN LIFE LEAGUE urged saving the lives of children who are dying needlessly. PACIFIC ISLANDS ASSOCIATION OF NGOS said the ICPD should be used to educate the community to oppose the unsustainable use of this region. SUDAN raised the importance of integrating population in development planning and religion. MAURITANIA stressed national efforts, international solidarity, and development of the civil state. CAMEROON said economic practices to date have not taken into account development variables.

WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THE OVULATION METHOD pointed out that there is no mention of natural family planning in the action programme. BURUNDI stressed the role of education and coordination. KENYA said structural adjustment programmes have had adverse effects on health, education and employment. MALAYSIA mentioned the need to alleviate poverty, empower women, and include moral and ethical perspectives. EQUATORIAL GUINEA mentioned the need to improve primary, maternal and infant health care. C"TE D'IVOIRE said there is a need for popular support for the implementation of population activities. ANGOLA said its current growth rate is approximately 2.8% and there are about 3 million displaced persons as a result of war. NIGER supported freedom of choice in family size and education. SENEGAL stressed the need for Africa to implement the Dakar Declaration.

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