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A. International Migration and Development: In 10.1 (basis for action), the Cook Islands stressed that countries of origin lose skilled labor. The EU emphasized that international migration may increase unemployment in countries of destination. The G-77 stated that communities of destination continue to integrate migrant workers and their families in a productive manner. In 10.2 (maximizing the benefit of migration), the Holy See, Bolivia and the EU referred to the root causes of involuntary migration. In 10.3 (alleviation of uncontrolled migration), Canada suggested the need for humane government policies. The US supported the reference to environmental factors as a root cause. The US also called for deletion of the reference to "international laws" in light of the absence of international migration laws. The Cook Islands called for protection of the rights of indigenous peoples.

B. Documented migrants: In 10.7 (basis for action), the G-77 stated that host societies should extend legal, social and economic rights to documented migrants. In 10.8 (integration of documented migrants), Turkey added reference to the importance of family reunification. The EU added the need to protect against ethnocentrism. Canada said that the general public must be educated regarding the benefits of migration in receiving countries. Sweden and Switzerland called for reference to female migrants and children. In 10.10 (extending civil and political rights to documented migrants), the US called for specific reference to gender discrimination. The EU added ethnocentrism. The G-77 added gender-based and religious discrimination and reference to the importance of government respect of cultural traditions. Japan wanted weaker language regarding governmental responsibility.

C. Undocumented migrants: In 10.12 (basis for action), the G-77 said that every State has a sovereign right to decide who can enter and stay in its territory. The EU requested deletion of the reference to the unwillingness of countries of destination to admit more documented migrants. In 10.13 (elimination of undocumented migration), the Cook Islands requested reference to the sexual exploitation of undocumented migrants. Australia requested reference to the traffic in male migrants. Malawi referred to child labor-related abuse. In 10.14 (safeguarding the basic rights of undocumented migrants), Canada referred to the right of asylum. The Holy See called for special attention to the educational needs of children and pre-natal care for women. In 10.15 (exploitation of undocumented migrants), the G-77 called for reference to prostitution. The EU proposed that governments should make potential migrants aware of the legal conditions for entry and residence in host countries. The G-77 requested a new paragraph on the monitoring of the conditions of migrants.

D. Refugees and asylum-seekers: In 10.17 (basis for action), the EU mentioned that refugee children are in vulnerable situations. The G-77 added a paragraph on the right to return home. In 10.18 (the refugee problem), the G-77 proposed two new sub-paragraphs on the needs of refugees in the formulation of development programmes. In 10.19 (root causes of refugee movements), the US referred to poverty and environmental degradation. In 10.20 (international refugee support), the Holy See called for prevention of refugee displacement by humanitarian intervention. Afghanistan suggested a new sub-paragraph on the removal of landmines threatening the safety of returnees. India sought deletion of language linking rehabilitation assistance to repatriating refugees with long-term reconstruction and development plans.

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