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WORKING GROUP I: In the morning, Working Group I will continue its second reading of Chapter XV (Partnership with the Non-Governmental Sector) and then move to Chapter XII (Technology, Research and Development). It will take up discussion of Chapter XII in the afternoon. The Chair has indicated the possibility of night sessions on Thursday and Friday, given the slow pace of the deliberations in order to expedite the second reading of the various chapters under its mandate. Some delegates have requested the Chair of Working Group I to initiate, as soon as possible, informal consultations on Chapter XVI (Follow-Up to the Conference), citing the difficulties in reaching consensus on such a critical issue in the formal confines of the Working Group.

WORKING GROUP II: It is expected that Working Group II will resume its formal session today to commence its second reading of Chapter IV (Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women) this morning and Chapter V (The Family, Its Roles, Composition and Structure) this afternoon. It is hoped that these discussions will proceed more expeditiously in light of yesterday's informal consultations on these chapters.