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WORKING GROUP I: Working Group I will complete its second reading of Chapter XII (Technology, Research and Development) and then proceed to Chapter III (Interrelationships between Population, Sustained Economic Growth and Sustainable Development) this morning. It will continue its second reading of Chapter XI (Population Information, Education and Communication) this afternoon. A copy of the Chair's draft text for Chapter III will be distributed today. It is highly possible that the Working Group will have an evening session tonight and Friday night to continue the second reading of the various chapters under its mandate. Watch for continued informal consultations.

WORKING GROUP II: The Working Group will continue its second reading of Chapter V (The Family) and then proceed with Chapter VI (Population Growth and Structure). It is expected that they will also review Chapter IX (Population Distribution, Urbanization and Internal Migration).

SECURITY BRIEFING: The US Mission to the UN will host a general briefing on security for the Cairo Conference for US NGOs, at 5:00 pm on the 8th Floor of the Church Center. Speakers will include Timothy Wirth, Mr. O'Brien, Regional Security Officer for the US in Cairo and Amb. Walker, US Ambassador-designate to Egypt. Notwithstanding the overriding political issues that would make a change in venue nearly impossible, many participants have expressed their hope that the Conference will be moved to Geneva, New York or Indonesia.