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WORKING GROUP I: The Working Group is expected to first discuss the outstanding paragraphs in Chapter III -- 3.11, 3.13 and 3.20, and possibly the EU proposal for a new Section D. Then the Group will discuss Section C (Resource Mobilization and Allocation) of Chapter XIII (National Action). It is unlikely that the Group will meet in the afternoon, but it is expected to reconvene in the evening to discuss Chapter XVI (Follow-up to the Conference).

WORKING GROUP II: The Working Group still has two complete chapters to discuss today: X (International Migration) and VII (Reproductive Rights, Reproductive Health and Family Planning). There may be an evening session.

COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE: The Committee is expected to meet this afternoon. PrepCom Chair Fred Sai has been holding consultations on Chapters I (Preamble) and II (Principles) and is expected to report on the status of these chapters.