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The organizations taking part in the Women's Caucus will continue their advocacy work during the intersessional period. The Caucus will work to disseminate information to women's and NGO networks around the world about the results of PrepCom III -- both the progress made and the text still in brackets. The main agenda is to build support for the ideas and proposals advanced in the Cairo document. Members of the Women's Caucus will launch campaigns in their countries, including national meetings, media and public awareness, and meetings with government representatives. Members of the Caucus will also lobby governments to include women and NGOs on their delegations in Cairo. For more information about the activities of the Women's Caucus, contact the Women's Environment and Development Organization, 845 Third Avenue, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10022 USA; tel: +1-212-759-7982; fax: +1-212/759-8647; e-mail: wedo@igc.apc.org.