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The ICPD was considered by the 48th session of the UN General Assembly on 4-5 November 1993. An annotated outline, based on the work of PrepCom II, was the focus of many statements during the Second Committee debate. During the discussion, delegates raised a number of key points, including: the centrality of population issues must be maintained in the Cairo document; the recommendations should be action-oriented, clear and concise; the rights of the individual must be central to the document; the chapter on the empowerment of women must be strengthened; the document should give more attention to sexuality and the family planning needs of youth and adolescents; the Secretariat should provide information on the costs of various proposals; means of implementation should be given a high priority; the chapter on follow-up to the Conference is inadequate; the issues of consumption and lifestyles should be given more attention; the perspective and needs of countries in transition should be reflected; the section on indigenous peoples needs strengthening; and the role of NGOs should be spelled out more carefully.