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PLENARY: This morning the Plenary will hear statements by representatives of: Israel, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Ukraine, Zambia, Iran, Malta, Namibia, Cameroon, the Asian Development Bank, Switzerland, Portugal, International Food Policy Research Institute, Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, and the Religious Consultation on Population, Reproductive Health and Ethics.

Afternoon speakers are expected to include: International Fund for Agricultural Development, Senegal, Solomon Islands, Guatemala, Sierra Leone, Tajikistan, Suriname, Economic Commission for Europe, the Netherlands, Mongolia, Assembly's Committee on Migration, Refugees and Demography of the Council of Europe, Egypt, African Development Bank, Mozambique, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the Cook Islands, Eritrea, Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, International Federation of Settlements and Neighborhoods, International Union for the Scientific Study of Population, The Population Institute, Union of Concerned Scientists, American Association for Retired Persons, International Panel on Population and Development, Asian Forum of Parliamentarians for Population and Development, Centro de Investigaciones Sociales y Estudios de la Mujer, National Audubon Society, World Council of Churches and the Sasakawa Peace Foundation.

MAIN COMMITTEE: The Committee will resume its discussion of the remaining bracketed text in Chapter XIII (National Action), and will then move on to Chapter XIV (International Cooperation) and as many of the other chapters as possible. Chapters VII and VIII will not be discussed until Friday.

FRIENDS OF THE CHAIR: The Friends of the Chair are expected to meet at 5:00 pm today to discuss the Chair's revised texts for the preamble and the principles.

CREDENTIALS COMMITTEE: The Credentials Committee will hold its first meeting at 9:00 am in Mycerinos Hall C.

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