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In addition to the working group on Chapter VII, other working groups and consultations filled the small conference rooms and corridors on Friday. In one room, discussions were underway on family reunification (paragraph 10.12). In another, delegates were working on the chapeau to Chapter II (Principles). The EU had tabled a proposal in the morning, which was then reviewed by the G-77. The Friends of the Chair reconvened in the evening to, hopefully, finish their work on both the chapeau and the remaining outstanding principles. Since the chapeau addresses the conditions for the implementation of the Programme of Action (which could be affected by religious, ethical, cultural or traditional values), several delegates commented that this could be one of, if not, the most important paragraphs in the text. Main Committee Chair Fred Sai held a meeting during the day to address the issue of amendments to unbracketed text. This group also reviewed the Programme of Action to ensure that there was consistency in the use of certain terms throughout the text.