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PLENARY: The Plenary will continue its general debate. Today's speakers should include El Salvador, C“te d'Ivoire, Chad, Organization of the Islamic Conference, Myanmar, Belarus, Iceland, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, the Central African Republic, Cambodia, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Liberia, the Lao People's Democratic Republic, the United Republic of Tanzania, Angola, Burundi, United Nations Population Fund, the US Virgin Islands, Seychelles, Zaire, Guinea, Costa Rica, The Gambia, Haiti, Jordan, Gabon, Rwanda, San Marino, Syria, Togo, Azerbaijan, Sao Tome and Principe, Lithuania, Georgia, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Pathfinder International, Vivid Communication with Women in their Culture, Associated Country Women of the World, Inter-Parliamentary Union, Family Planning Association of India, International Confederation of Free Trade Unions and the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development

MAIN COMMITTEE: The Main Committee was unable to complete its work as scheduled on Friday. Therefore, the Main Committee will reconvene this morning at 10:00 am in Chefren Hall to adopt ad referendum the remaining chapters in the Programme of Action. Insha-Allah.