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PLENARY: The final session of the Plenary is expected to meet this morning at 11:00 am. The Plenary will have a number of items of business to attend to, including: adoption of the Programme of Action, as transmitted from the Main Committee; adoption of a resolution thanking the host country; adoption of a resolution transmitting the Programme of Action and the report of the Conference to the 49th session of the UN General Assembly; and adoption of the report of the Conference. After adopting the Programme of Action, a number of delegations are expected to take the floor to express their reservations on certain paragraphs. Closing remarks are expected from ICPD Secretary- General Nafis Sadik, Egyptian Prime Minister Atef Sedky, and Egyptian Minister of Population and Family Welfare, Maher Mahran. Final statements are also expected from the Chairs of the regional and interest groups before the International Conference on Population and Development is gavelled to a close.