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Even though the International Conference on Population and Development has come and gone, important work remains to be done to implement the Programme of Action adopted by the Conference on 13 September 1994. In this regard, the 49th United Nations General Assembly reviewed the outcome of the Conference and adopted two resolutions. The first resolution puts the institutional mechanisms in place for the implementation of the Programme of Action within the UN system, including revitalizing ECOSOC"s Population Commission, which has been renamed the Commission on Population and Development. The second resolution requests the Secretary-General to prepare a report on international migration and development, which would include aspects related to the objectives and modalities of convening an international conference on this issue.

This special year-end issue of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin will summarize the results of the General Assembly"s consideration of the Confererence and highlight upcoming events. This issue of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin is published as part of a series of year-end issues intended to summarize the current state of play in the various sustainable development conferences and negotiations reported on by the Bulletin in 1994.