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PLENARY: General debate will continue today. The tentative list of speakers includes: Doug Kidd, Minister of Fisheries (New Zealand); David Colson, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State (US); Dag Mjaaland, Assistant Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Norway); Dae Won Suh (Republic of Korea); and Mr. Horiguchi (Japan). NGOs who will speak are Al Chaddock of the Oceans Institute of Canada and Chris Chavasse from the Alaska Marine Conservation Council. Possible afternoon speakers include: Guido Di Tella, Minister of Foreign Affairs (Argentina); Rex Stephen Horoi, South Pacific Fisheries (Solomon Islands); a representative of Fiji; Dr. Zbigniew S. Karnicki, Director, Sea Fisheries Institute (Poland); Humberto Rivero Rosario (Cuba); Bernadette Dwyer of the Fugo Island Fish Cooperative; and Andranni Latchman of WWF.

NGOS: The NGO strategy session will begin at 9:00 am in Conference Room C. One-half hour after the conclusion of Plenary this afternoon, there will be an NGO-Government Dialogue with John Crosby of the Canadian delegation.