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PLENARY: The final day of general debate should begin sometime after 10:00 am. in Conference Room 2. The list of speakers for the morning includes: D.H. Anderson, Second Legal Adviser, Foreign and Commonwealth Office (United Kingdom); Henrique R. Valle, Head of the Department of Environmental Affairs, Ministry of External Relations (Brazil); Chandra Amerasekare (Sri Lanka); Per Wramner, Director-General, National Board of Fisheries (Sweden); Jos‚ Robles (Mexico); P.K. Chisara, Senior Fisheries Officer (United Republic of Tanzania); Stanislav Klementyev, First Vice-Chairman of State, Commission for Fishing Industry (Ukraine); Henry A.R. Ngongou, Permanent Secretary, Department of Marine Resources (Sierra Leone); Rodolfo Jaramillo (Colombia).

The speakers for the afternoon should include: a representative of Trinidad and Tobago; Gudmundur Eir´┐Żksson, Legal Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Iceland); Muchtar Abdullah, Director General for Fisheries, Department of Agriculture (Indonesia); Gustavo Gonzalez Cabal, Under-Secretary of Fisheries Resources (Ecuador); a representative from India; Francisco Berguido (Panama); a representative from Costa Rica; Mr. Riekstins, Ministry of Maritime Affairs (Latvia); Renagi Renagi Lohia (Papua New Guinea); James Gosselin, International Legal Adviser, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Cook Islands); Humberto Rivero Rosario (Cuba); W. Krone, Assistant Director-General, Fisheries Department (FAO); Russell Barsh, Four Directions Council; and Geoffrey Laurence, Senior Assistant Secretary for Ocean Sciences and Living Resources, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (an associated body of UNESCO).

At the conclusion of Tuesday's session the Chair announced that beginning on Thursday the meeting will look at the substantive issues according to the list in A/CONF.164/10 "A Guide to the issues before the Conference prepared by the Chairman." It is Nandan's intention that a detailed discussion will address the issues one-by-one beginning with the nature of conservation and management measures to be established through cooperation. Look for Nandan to further clarify his plans today.

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