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PLENARY: This morning's session will begin at 11:00 am in Conference Room 2. The Chair announced yesterday that he will comment on the last three days of general debate and then address procedures for the work to come. There is a possibility that Nandan will propose the establishment of an open-ended "friends of the Chair" group of about 20 countries that will assist in the synthesis of an eventual text.

IN THE CORRIDORS: While the Chair may have recommended yesterday that Iceland conduct discussions regarding a legally-binding instrument in the corridors, actual drafting of a convention has been underway for some time. A core group of countries, including Canada, Iceland, Chile and Argentina, are co-sponsors of a new document to be released on Friday, A./CONF/164/L.11 "A draft convention on the conservation and management of straddling fish stocks and highly migratory fish stocks on the high seas." This paper includes 8 chapters, 25 articles and an annex. L.11 should be a more detailed elaboration of A./CONF.164/L.5 (the Canadian letter to the Chair). Look for informal discussion of advanced versions of this document in the corridors today. Formal discussion on this document will begin when the meeting considers the second issue on Nandan's list in A/CONF.164/10, "The mechanisms for cooperation."