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PLENARY: Discussion today should begin with the next two items on the Chair's list of issues (A/CONF.164/10): IV. "Compliance with conservation and management measures" and V. "Enforcement of high seas fisheries, conservation and management measures." The first question to be addressed is how to ensure compliance with regional conservation and management measures. This will include discussion on issues such as monitoring, use of quotas, data sharing on catch and effort, and enforcement action by port States. Another issue will be how to ensure effective enforcement of the conservation and management measures established for a region or subregion with respect to a stock. Discussion on this may include matters related to the responsibilities of flag States, the practice of flagging and reflagging of vessels, and enforcement of flag State responsibilities.

ON THE EAST RIVER: From 1:00 till 3:00 pm today the MV Greenpeace, one of the seven boats used by Greenpeace for its international environmental campaigns, will sail past the UN on the East River, displaying a banner that will read, "UN Stop Fishing for Excuses."