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The Eastern European regional group has still not reached agreement on its nomination to the Bureau. This matter had been deferred from the organizational session, when the Russian Federation blocked the Polish candidacy over the problem of pollock fishing in the so-called "Peanut Hole", which is bound by the Russian EEZ in the Sea of Okhotsk. At a meeting held in Moscow in May 1993 attended by those countries fishing in the area, the framework for further negotiations was agreed on. Japan agreed to stop fishing in the region and other countries, including Poland, agreed to reduce their catch by 25%. Nevertheless, in June the Russian Federation announced a unilateral moratorium in the Sea of Okhotsk for all fishing. As there has still not been any resolution on the Polish candidacy during this session, Poland has mentioned the possibility of a vote in Plenary on this matter. Conference Chair Nandan has taken the matter into his hands and is holding private consultations.