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Informal meetings will continue today. The first item on the agenda is expected to be dispute settlement. It is likely that Nandan will distribute a new paper on this subject to guide discussion.

During yesterday's session, Nandan explained how he would like to proceed. The following subjects still need to be discussed in greater detail: dispute settlement, port State responsibilities, aspects of monitoring, control, and surveillance (including compliance and enforcement), and compatibility between conservation measures in EEZs and on the high seas. As this last issue (Item VIII in A/CONF.164/10) has not yet been discussed in Plenary, it is likely that Plenary will reconvene on Friday to address it.

If possible, Nandan would like to provide a text at the end of this three-week session. This way delegates can take it back to their capitals and, thus, be able to move forward faster at the next meeting. Look for further discussion in the corridors and in the conference room on the Chair's proposed work plan today as delegates grapple with its implications, especially the need for additional sessions.