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PLENARY: For the first time since Monday, Plenary will meet this morning at 10:00 am in Conference Room 2. The topic of discussion will be Item VIII in the Chair's list of issues, A/CONF.164/10: Compatibility and coherence between national and international conservation measures for the same stocks. Nandan requested that delegates focus their comments on conservation and management of the two types of stocks. He added that it will serve no purpose to enter into a prolonged debate over who has rights and interests and where those rights and interests can be exercised. The concentration should be on how this Conference can produce compatible regimes without compromising the rights of coastal States to use resources in their EEZs.

INFORMAL CONSULTATIONS: Following the conclusion of the Plenary's discussion on Item VIII, informal consultations will begin on monitoring, control and surveillance. At the conclusion of Thursday's informal session, Nandan proposed that these consultations take place in Conference Room 2 so that everyone can attend. He suggested that the nameplates could be removed to retain a degree of informality. This decision was, in part, based on the standing-room-only crowds in Conference Room 5 on Thursday, where Delegates had to exchange seats to allow others to use the microphones. At one point, a delegate commented that the room had become like the adjacent high seas and, as a new entrant, he only got the surplus.