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Informal sessions on Thursday continued the discussion on the Chair's working paper on compatibility and coherence between national and international conservation measures for the same stock. Discussions then moved to the following working papers: Port State Enforcement, Non-parties to a subregional or regional agreement or arrangement, and Special requirements of developing countries.

Before the substantive discussions began, Nandan made a few procedural announcements. He said that his final paper should be available in the morning. This paper is based on the comments made by delegates on his draft working papers, the written submissions of delegations, and the formal discussions held in Plenary. This paper will form the basis for the future work of the Conference. As the Conference needs to conclude its work by the 49th General Assembly in 1994, Nandan proposed the convening of two additional sessions: a 3-week negotiating session from 14-31 March 1994 and a final session to adopt the text from 15-26 August 1994. In addition, there may also be expert group or ad hoc meetings on the precautionary approach and the concept of maximum sustainable yield.