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The FAO technical input played a crucial role during the first session of the Conference. At the first session, the FAO was requested to produce two technical papers to assist the Conference in its deliberations. The first paper is on the precautionary approach principle and the other on the concept of Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) and alternative indicators of the state of the stocks. The precautionary approach principle had given rise to strong disagreements during the first substantive session and it is expected that a technical meeting on this subject will be convened at the beginning of 1994 on this matter, possibly in Sweden.

FAO officials report that the work on the Code of Conduct on Responsible Fishing is said to be going very well but it is unclear when the work will be completed. The Code of Conduct on Responsible Fishing is expected to be submitted to the FAO Committee on Fisheries in 1995 and to the FAO Council for adoption in 1996.