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In the intersessional period, NGO consultative activity has continued with detailed examination of the Chair's revised negotiating text. The Second Conference on the Management of Marine Protected Areas held in Halifax during May issued "The Halifax Declaration", calling for the establishment of Marine Protected Areas for the Preservation of Critical Habitats and Transboundary Resources. Look for the promotion of marine protected areas during consideration of the Chair's revised negotiating text.

The Canadian Oceans Caucus hosted an NGO workshop from 10-12 August in Halifax. Other attendees included the International Collective in Support of Fishworkers and southern-based NGOs. Look for circulation of the workshop's declaration and NGO statements on the Chair's revised negotiating text.

At the invitation of FAO's Dr. Krone, NGOs submitted comments on the proposed International Code of Conduct for Responsible Fishing in April. NGOs will make further presentations to Dr. Krone during a special meeting of this session on 22 August.