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PLENARY: The Conference will open at 10:30 am in Conference Room 2, following a meeting of the Bureau. Conference Chair, Satya Nandan, is expected to present opening remarks, and reflect on intersessional activities. The Chair should move immediately to the first item of business, the adoption of the agenda for this session. Nandan is expected to give an overview of the programme of work for the coming two weeks and may reflect on pros and cons of the various methods to follow during the meeting. Canada's Minister for Fisheries, Brian Tobin, and Norway's Minister of Fisheries, Jan Henry P. Olsen, are expected to make key speeches. Other delegations expected to make general statements include the EU, the UK and the US.

NGO ACTIVITIES: A caucus group of NGOs consisting of Canadian Oceans Caucus, Greenpeace, International Collective in Support of Fishworkers, Natural Resources Defense Council, and World Wildlife Fund, with support from representatives of a number of southern-based international fishworkers organizations, will hold a press briefing at 9:30 am on the 10th Floor of the UN Church Center. The briefing will focus on the worsening global fisheries crisis and proposed solutions to address overfishing practices. Look for documents recommending alternative language to the Chair's revised negotiating text.

IN THE CORRIDORS: Some delegates are indicating that the Buenos Aires intersessional meeting in June narrowed the divergence of views on substantive issues between the coastal States and the distant water fishing States, with the United States now recognizing the need for a legally binding convention. A number of the South Pacific States are believed to share a similar view. Flag States are believed to be increasingly cognizant of the concerns of coastal States. There is hope among delegates that a "middle ground" position will be attainable during this session, enabling the Chair to prepare a draft convention before the conclusion of the two-week session. Even if this were possible, some delegates point out that one further session will be necessary that could be held in March 1995, with the possibility of a concluding session in the summer of 1995.

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