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INFORMAL CONSULTATIONS: Delegates continued their informal consultations completing the review of the Chair's revised text on Article 21, distributed on 22 July.

Delegates registered puzzlement at the restoration of reference to Article 292 in paragraph 14. One delegate argued that there was "no room for acceptance of arrest or detention in Article 21" but said that there is need for the prompt release of the crew especially if some are not nationals of the flag State. The Chair said that it seemed absurd not to apply the prompt release of vessels throughout oceans. One delegate argued that if there was no power of arrest then the provisions of Article 292 should not apply.

No comments were made on paragraph 15, which deals with "action taken by States other than the flag State in respect of vessels having engaged in activities contrary to subregional or regional conservation and management measures shall be proportionate to the seriousness of the violation."

Paragraph 16, which provides for flag States and inspecting States to invoke the procedures for the settlement of disputes, was considered