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The Chair highlighted the Secretariat's changes to Article 17 and opened the floor for comments. The Republic of Korea stated that paragraph 1, which notes that non-members of subregional or regional organizations are not discharged from the obligation to cooperate in the conservation of stocks, is contrary to treaty law. New Zealand, supported by Papua New Guinea and Peru, said the paragraph was in accordance with UNCLOS and needed no change. Paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 were accepted.

Japan, supported by Peru and Iceland, questioned paragraph 4, which refers to deterrent activities consistent with UNCLOS and this Agreement and suggested that a reference to international law would make the paragraph consistent with Article 33. The Republic of Korea noted that "deter" carries a connotation of coercion, and the Chair suggested "prevent" instead. Prior to adjournment, Chile reported that Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Uruguay and Mexico had reviewed Annex 1 and will submit their results to the Chair soon. The FAO has also submitted a definition of "nominal catch" for consideration.