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The First Report of the Credentials Committee was circulated in document A/CONF.164/31 on Tuesday. The Credentials Committee is chaired by Argentina and is composed of representatives from: Antigua and Barbuda, Burundi, China, Kenya, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the Russian Federation and the US. The reports notes that communications from 100 States, including the European Community had been received. The Credentials Committee will reconvene on Wednesday, 2 August 1995 in order to completes its examination of the credentials and decide on its recommendation to the Conference. A provisional list of delegations to the Sixth Session of the Conference was circulated on Tuesday.

A revised text of the Draft Agreement, available only in English, was circulated at the close of Plenary. This document, entitled a "Proposal by the Chairman for adoption" is dated 1 August 1995. It contains text on old Articles 14, 21, 21(bis), 29, 30 and 31, which were subject to informal consultation on Tuesday.