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Document A/CONF.164/30, dated 1 August 1995, became available Thursday. It contains the statement made by the Chair of the opening of the Sixth Session, held on 24 July 1995.

Document A/CONF.164/CRP.8, dated 2 August 1995, contains a harmonized revision of the Chair's Draft Agreement that reflected revisions agreed upon informals as of 1 August 1995. In noting its circulation from the documents section, the Chair asked delegates to be aware of its "datedness."

An informal conference paper, entitled "Proposal by the Chairman" was circulated to delegates during informal Plenary on Thursday morning. This 31-page paper, with exception of those outstanding issues referred to in the Chair's opening remarks to informal Plenary, contains agreed revised text to the close of informal consultations on Wednesday night. This paper, dated 3 August 1995, displays the silhouettes of two tuna species, and is referred to as the "two-fish" paper. It was available in the English language only. An earlier 32-page edition containing amendments agreed during the earlier part of this week, is dated 2 August 1995. Unlike its successor the front cover depicts a "single fish" illustration.