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PLENARY: General debate will continue on Agenda Items 2(a) and 3 today. Statements are expected from Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Maldives, Malta, Solomon Islands, Grenada, UNESCO, WMO, UNDP, FAO, ITU and the Intergovernmental Committee on the Convention on Biological Diversity (ICCBD). After exhausting the speakers' list, Plenary will proceed with a closer examination of A/CONF.167/PC/6 and the Chair will invite delegates to make specific statements. There will be no speakers' list. If time permits, the Plenary will discuss the reports of the regional technical meetings (A/CONF.167/PC/7 and 8). In the afternoon, general debate on Agenda Items 2(a) and 3 will continue. Speakers will include Iceland, Samoa, Bahamas, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Commonwealth Secretariat, Regional Commissions, and Solomon Islands Development Trust.

Several informal documents may be circulated today. The G-77 may introduce a document, "Referential Elements for an Action Programme." This document will draw on the common elements of the reports of the two regional technical meetings (A/CONF.167/PC/7 and 8) and may serve as a guide for discussion. AOSIS has been preparing a draft framework action programme for the environmental management of SIDS. At the same time, the EC is developing constructive points for discussion, which may or may not be tabled.