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PLENARY: The general debate on Agenda Items 2(a) and 3 will conclude this morning. The final eight speakers are: the United Kingdom, Austria, Samoa, Mexico, Bangladesh, UNIDO, World Association of Former UN Interns and Fellows, and the American Anthropological Association. The Plenary will then discuss A/CONF.167/PC/6 (overview of system-wide activities). In the afternoon, SPREP and Caricom will introduce documents A/CONF.167/PC/7 and PC/8, the reports of the regional technical meetings, and a discussion will follow. The G-77 will introduce the much anticipated paper on basic elements for the programme of action prepared by AOSIS. It is possible that the Chair will adjourn the Plenary and convene an informal session to facilitate discussion on this matter.

Inter-agency cooperation is the buzzword in all areas of UNCED follow-up, and for the SIDS the focus is on regional cooperation. It will be interesting to see if the UN regional commissions, conspicuous by their absence from the PrepCom so far, will enter the fray today.