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INFORMAL SESSION: The PrepCom will meet in informal session today. The first item on the agenda will be discussion of Chapter XV, Implementation, Monitoring and Review, of the G-77 paper. The text of this chapter was introduced by Colombia, on behalf of the G-77 and China, at the conclusion of Friday's meeting. There are four sections of this chapter: national, regional, and international implementation, and monitoring and review. The section on international implementation contains the following subheadings: Finance, Trade, Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies for Cooperation and Capacity Building, Environmental Legislation and Training, Institutional Arrangements, and Vulnerability Index. While there has been general agreement so far on the priorities and the reordering of those priorities in the action programme, how they will be delivered and financed -- the subject of this chapter -- may provoke protracted debate today. Look for NGO and major groups' suggestions on how they would like their roles in the sustainable development of SIDS to be dealt with in this chapter.

The second item on the agenda is expected to be a discussion of the structure of the document, an issue raised continuously on Friday. Then, delegates will revisit issues raised during Friday's informal discussion of Chapters I through XIV of the G-77 draft, based on a checklist prepared by the Chair. Look for continued discussion between the Chair and members of the G-77 both in the corridors and during the informal session about the method of work for the rest of the week.