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PrepCom delegates have been hard at work over the last week drafting and commenting on the basic elements for the programme of action to be adopted in Barbados in April. As the end of the PrepCom quickly approaches, however, there has also been some thought given to what will happen next. It does not appear likely that the PrepCom will be able to complete the draft programme of action by Friday. Although there has been talk about a second PrepCom or intersessional consultations, neither of these options appear likely at this time as the problem of ensuring adequate representation of all interested States, in light of the limited funds available, appears to be unsurmountable. The most probable scenario is that there will be extended pre-sessional consultations in Barbados immediately before the Conference. How many days of pre-sessional consultations will be needed has yet to be determined.

At the Barbados Conference itself, there might also be a Committee of the Whole that will finish negotiating the programme of action as well as the second expected outcome of the Conference -- the Barbados Declaration. This proposed Declaration has been the subject of informal consultations over the past week. There appears to be consensus that such a declaration is necessary and the Barbados delegation has indicated that it would like to prepare the first draft. This draft would then serve as the basis for negotiations at the Conference.