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The PrepCom opened on Monday, 30 August 1993 at UN Headquarters in New York. Representatives from 94 countries and 16 UN agencies participated in the meeting. The PrepCom also accredited 68 NGOs that do not have consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). After three and one-half days of general debate, the PrepCom began consideration of a draft programme of action for the sustainable development of SIDS. The programme of action was drafted by the members of the Association of Small Island States (AOSIS) and was submitted to the PrepCom by the Group of 77. This draft became the focus of discussion and negotiation. By the end of the two-week meeting, delegates had agreed ad referendum to a large portion of the 15-chapter text, yet still left major issues in brackets or not fully negotiated, including the preamble, the structure of the document, and Chapter 15 on implementation, monitoring and review.