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On Thursday, 2 September 1993, the G-77 informally introduced a paper drafted by AOSIS containing basic elements for an action programme on the sustainable development of SIDS. This paper contained drafts for 14 of the 15 proposed chapters in this action programme. The following afternoon, the G-77 introduced a second document containing the text for Chapter 15 on implementation, monitoring and review. On Wednesday, 8 September 1993, the G-77 tabled two more documents: a revised version of the basic elements paper (Chapters 1-14) and a paper containing the preamble and basis for action sections for each of the chapters. The second half of the PrepCom focussed on the discussion and negotiation of these documents.

Each of the substantive chapters contained three sections: national, regional and international action -- the triangular approach. Although this met with general agreement, not all of the delegations were pleased with the overall structure of this document. It was pointed out by a number of delegates that some of the chapters in the G-77 document address cross-sectoral or "horizontal" areas while others address sectoral areas. More visibility needs to be given to the horizontal subjects and they should be reordered as follows: XIV. Human Resource Development; X. National Institutions and Administrative Capacity; XI. Regional Institutions and Technical Cooperation; and XIII. Science and Technology. Having reordered these chapters, they should also be placed at the beginning of the document. Another question was raised about the overall structure of the document. The G-77 responded that they envision a single, integrated document with the preamble first, followed by the 15 chapters, each preceded by a Basis for Action section. Regarding the order of the chapters, he said that the current structure had been agreed upon at the organizational session. The G-77 was able to accept the reordering, but not the relocation of the chapters to the beginning of the document. He said that they would discuss this further in informal meetings.

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