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At its session in September, the PrepCom requested the Secretariat to prepare a report containing relevant information on current donor activities in support of sustainable development of SIDS. This report is supposed to include information on a sectoral level provided by UN and other intergovernmental agencies, donor countries and NGOs. The report has been organized to follow the progression of chapters in the programme of action. For each subject, such as transport, communications, human resource development, freshwater resources, etc., the report will list the UN organizations and agencies, non-UN intergovernmental organizations and NGOs that are funding relevant projects. Although the Secretariat had hoped to receive information from NGOs that are funding or coordinating projects relevant to the sustainable development of SIDS, only two NGOs sent in reports: the Solomon Islands Development Trust and the Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development. Overall, the Secretariat has received approximately 40 submissions. The Secretariat's report is supposed to be completed by the end of January 1994.