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Thus far 157 NGOs are accredited to the Conference. 54 accredited NGOs are from small island developing States, 50 are from developed countries and 53 are from non-island developing countries. Any NGOs that have not yet applied for accreditation to the PrepCom and the Conference should do so as soon as possible before the resumed session of the PrepCom in March.

NGOs wishing accreditation should submit the following information to the UN Secretariat: copies of the latest annual report and the most recent budget; copy of constitution and/or by-laws and information on governing body composition; proof of the non-profit nature of the organization; a short statement of how the organization's activities relate to the Conference; a description of membership; and location of headquarters. Non-governmental organizations in consultative or roster status with the Economic and Social Council, including those of this status that were previously accredited to UNCED, are considered to have satisfied these requirements to the extent that they have already provided such information to the United Nations. They should, however indicate their relevance to and interest in participating in the Conference and its preparatory process.

All communications from non-governmental organizations should be mailed to: United Nations Secretariat, ECOSOC/NGO Unit, Room DC-2 2340, New York, NY 10017, USA.