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The proposed programme of work for the PrepCom meeting is contained in document A/CONF.167/PC/5/ Corr.1. The PrepCom will focus on preparations for the first Global Conference on the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States (Item 2) and consideration of plans and programmes to support the sustainable development of small island developing States and the utilization of their marine and coastal resources (Item 3).

Discussion of Agenda Item 2 will include the following items: activities of the UN system and intergovernmental and other bodies of relevance to the preparatory process; reports from regional technical meetings; preparations by the host Government (Barbados); participation of NGOs; and operation of the voluntary fund. Discussion of Agenda Item 3 will include: meeting essential human needs; maintaining biological diversity; and improving the quality of life for island people; as well as measures that will enable small island developing States to cope effectively, creatively and in a sustainable manner with environmental changes and to mitigate the impacts on and reduce the threats posed to marine and coastal resources. The general discussion of Agenda Items 2 and 3 is scheduled to last throughout the first week of the meeting. Informal consultations are currently scheduled for the second week of the meeting. Agenda Item 4 -- Provisional agenda for the Conference -- is scheduled to be introduced on Wednesday, 8 September.

The documentation for the PrepCom includes:

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