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PLENARY: The PrepCom will reconvene in informal session in Conference Room 2. Discussion will begin with paragraph 64 of Chapter XV, "Implementation, Monitoring and Review."

At 3:00 pm the Chair will convene a brief formal session to allow Klaus T”pfer, the Federal Minister of the Environment of Germany, to address the PrepCom. T”pfer, in the absence of other candidates, is unofficially regarded as Chair-elect of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD), even though the election will not be held until the CSD session in May. The Chair has also extended an informal invitation to Amb. Razali Ismail (Malaysia) to speak as the present and outgoing CSD Chair. The Chair will then give the floor to NGOs to make a maximum of five five-minute interventions. Look for speeches from the three SIDS regions (Caribbean, Indian Ocean, and Pacific), a speech from the OECD countries and, as today is International Women's Day, a speech from the Women's Caucus. Following these statements, the formal meeting will adjourn and informal consultations will resume.

There is the possibility of an evening session tonight. If facilities are available, the Committee will take a short break and continue its work from 7:00-9:00 pm.

NGO ACTIVITIES: NGOs will be scheduling daily briefings in Conference Room D. Amb. Wensley announced that she is trying to schedule regular meetings with the NGOs during the course of the week. NGOs are able to observe informal sessions when they are held in the larger Conference Room 2. However, if informals move to Conference Room 5, which has 120 seats, only a limited number of NGOs will be allowed to observe.

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