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INFORMAL CONSULTATIONS: The PrepCom will meet informally again today and will begin with a reading of the preamble. Last night the Chair urged delegates to read the elements of the Barbados Declaration in preparation for this morning's session. At the previous session of the PrepCom, a number of delegations were concerned about the link between the Declaration and the Programme of Action and how to avoid possible duplication. After reading the preamble, the PrepCom will begin a second reading of the entire Programme of Action. Look for a revised draft of Chapter XV today.

AOSIS MEETING: AOSIS will meet at 9:00 am this morning to draft new language on those paragraphs in Chapter XV that remain on the table or in brackets.

NGO BRIEFING: AOSIS Chair Amb. Annette des Iles of Trinidad and Tobago will meet with NGOs at 6:00 pm in Conference Room D.