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INFORMAL SESSION: A "clean" text of the Preamble should be available this morning so that the Committee can discuss it and, hopefully, remove the remaining brackets when the informal session resumes at 10:00 am. After that, delegates will re-read the bracketed text in Chapters I-XIV, may have the opportunity to comment on the elements of the Barbados Declaration, and may re-read the "clean" copy of Chapter XV. The informal session is expected to last all morning and possibly into the afternoon.

PLENARY: When the final Plenary begins this afternoon, the Committee will have to discuss a number of issues related to the Conference including: participation of associate members of regional commissions; the rules of procedure; management of the high-level segment; the programme of work; the Barbados Declaration; and the Programme of Action. NGOs will have an opportunity to make a final statement.

IN THE CORRIDORS: Sweden has been charged by the Chair with the task of finding agreement on language relating to intellectual property rights. Look for a possible informal-informal session if bilateral consultations fail.