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At its 48th session in the fall of 1993, the UN General Assembly decided that the first session of the Preparatory Committee should be resumed for a period of five working days to complete the preparatory work assigned to it, including the draft Programme of Action for the sustainable development of SIDS. General Assembly Resolution 48/193, adopted on 21 December 1993, also decided to convene the first Global Conference on the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States in Barbados from 25 April to 6 May 1994, including a high-level segment on 5-6 May. The resolution urges that representation at the Conference be at the highest possible level and decides to convene one day of pre-Conference consultations at the venue of the Conference on 24 April 1994. The resolution also: endorses the decisions of the PrepCom regarding the participation of associate members of regional commissions and NGOs in the Conference and its preparatory process; endorses the PrepCom's decisions regarding the provisional rules of procedure and the provisional agenda for the Conference; requests the Secretary-General to ensure the timely submission of the report of donor activities requested in decision 11 of the PrepCom; requests the Secretary-General, through the Department of Public Information, to widely disseminate the goals and purposes of the Conference; and invites all Member States and organizations in a position to do so to contribute to the voluntary fund for the Conference.