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In the afternoon, Wensley announced that after further consultations it was suggested that the Committee focus initially on Section D of Chapter XV, Implementation, Monitoring and Review, using a non-paper prepared by AOSIS/G-77 as the basis for discussion. The Chair of AOSIS introduced the non-paper, stressing that it is based on the informal negotiations held during the resumed session of the PrepCom. The Committee began its first reading with the first sub-section on intergovernmental follow-up. The authors suggested mechanisms for review in the context of the CSD, the Second Committee of the General Assembly and the GA itself. The Chair suggested that with some consultations, agreement could be reached on all points. On the issue of reporting, one delegation asked for greater specificity on what reports are expected when and for what purpose. Another asked that sub-regional as well as regional bodies be included in such reports. Under the sub-section on interagency coordination, it was clarified that Agenda 21 is the basis for action and not a framework, which may imply legal onus. The discussions on the secretariat support structure led to differences between those resisting the creation of new secretariat posts to carry out the follow-up functions, and those advocating them. These differences will be resolved in informal informals, facilitated by Vice-Chair Ioan Barac. While the General Assembly will consider the recommendations together with a statement of the programme budget implications, it was stressed that the recommendations of the Conference could not be too open-ended. It was noted that in preparing appropriate reports, non-UN bodies should be included.

In the sub-section on organs, programmes and organizations, the mutual roles of UNDP and UNEP were clarified and it was agreed to cite their references in Agenda 21. There was considerable discussion on the reference to UNCTAD. Some were concerned that this Programme of Action should only refer to UNCTAD's work regarding SIDS and not its entire mandate. It was agreed that Sweden should coordinate informal consultations on this issue. Under the sub-section on regional and sub-regional cooperation and implementation, one delegation asked for stronger reference to local participation in decision making, and to references to the public and private sectors. Further consultation will take place on these points. One delegation, breaking ranks with his group, asked that indigenous people be referred to separately.

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