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PLENARY: The Plenary will continue the general debate today in Conference Room 1 with a full complement of speakers. Look in today's journal for the speakers' list, however, if yesterday was any indication, there will be many changes during the course of the day.

MAIN COMMITTEE: The Main Committee will continue consideration of the AOSIS/G-77 non-paper on a new Section D of Chapter XV, beginning with paragraph 16. Look for a number of informal-informal consultations in the corridors and small conference rooms on some of the critical issues in this non-paper.

BIODIVERSITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE FORUM: The Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development (FIELD) and the Interim Secretariat for the Convention on Biological Diversity will host a workshop on "Obtaining Benefits from Marine and Genetic Resources Opportunities for SIDS under the Convention on Biological Diversity," at 1:00 pm in Conference Room 3.